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When searching for your next home, it is important to consider not only how much you can afford, but more importantly, how much you want to spend. By applying for a mortgage first, you not only get peace of mind, you also are able to lock in mortgage rates to ensure you get the best interest rate you can.

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When buying property in Ontario, the government charges a Land Transfer Tax. This tax is calculated on a sliding scale based on the sale price of the home.

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The City of Ottawa provides a very useful site about specific neighbourhoods in the city. By searching by address, you can learn a lot of information about potential areas you may be considering.

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Property taxes are based on the assessment value of the property, not on the sale price. You can however get an idea of what the property taxes will be. Always ensure you have up to date tax information about any property you buy, however, because you don’t want any surprises.

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