Sellers Relocating out of Ottawa

There are two important steps to take care of when you are being posted out of Ottawa. You need to find a Realtor® here to help you sell your current home, and you need to find a Realtor® in the city you are headed to so that you can start the buying process there.

Selling a home when you are being relocated usually adds time pressure to the process. New rules with Brookfield Relocation Services, for example, require you to sell your home before booking your House Hunting Trip. There is also sometimes some added paperwork that your relocation service provider likes to see completed. Our team is knowledgable and equipped to work with you, to satisfy your obligations as set out by your employer and get your home sold so you can get on your way to start a new adventure somewhere else.

Laura’s team has a network of Realtors that specialize in relocation and offer a similar service package. It would be our pleasure to put you in touch with someone in your destination city that focuses on working with clients making this type of move.

Buyers Relocating to Ottawa
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